05 November 2007

The mundan happened, finally!

Its amazing how time flies. It is november now and finally I got Kriti's mundan done on the Dusshera weekend. We were scared that she would cry or get hurt... but.. the lady slept through her mundan! She is looking very cute... people say that now she seems to resemble me more ( not because of no hair on her head!) I will post some pics of her before and after the mundan...

08 March 2007

Time for Kriti's mundan...already!

Kriti is becoming bigger by the day... actually, not so much bigger as naughtier. She is becoming more and more aware of us.... it's an absolute delight playing with her. She is about 8 months 3 weeks old and it is time for her mundan. I have been wanting this for some time now, but as the date comes closer I am feeling almost possessive about her first hair! I think I would have run my hands through them some 10 times since morning, and am almost thinking of dropping the whole idea.

My baby doll did not get a heavy crop on her head the first time round.. which was good as she did not have to face the discomforts of tangles or dirty hair! But I am hoping that after the mundan she will get a denser growth.... parenthood is a strange thing, suddenly I am incharge of another human's life ... to the extent of deciding everything for her.. can't help but fear messing up!

I have this huge urge to take as many photographs and videos of her as possible before the mundan... somehow I feel this way i will be able to tell her what her first born hair was like.... I am thinking so much about this.... all my life I wanted to shave my head because I thought it was cool... none of these thougts came to mind then... then why am I feling so much angst when it is about my daughter?